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For most women, the idea of having a wedding is something they have dreamed about from the time that they were little girls. Part of that dream usually involves planning everything out in intricate detail and creating the wedding of their dreams, complete with everything that they have ever possibly imagined that they could want. Unfortunately, making all of this a reality costs a great deal of money and in some cases, it can be prohibitively expensive for the families that are trying to pay for it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your dreams can’t come true if you find yourself in this particular situation. Thanks to wedding loans, you might still be able to have that wedding that you have always dreamed of, even if it costs far more than what you could pay for without the help of the loan.

Some people are not really all that familiar with wedding loans but the truth is, they are one of the most popular types of loans in existence. You might choose to think of them as if they were an installment loan or a personal loan, because that is essentially what they are. You can use them to plan any aspect of your wedding, ranging from the basic details to some of the most extravagant options that you could possibly imagine. You might choose to get a small loan that simply helps you cover some of the bare necessities or to request a substantially larger loan so that you can truly create a wedding like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Like installment or personal loans, these types of loans can be paid out over the course of several months or in some cases, several years. It really depends on the lender that you get the loan from and what their terms and conditions are at the time that you take the loan out. Obviously, this is something that you will want to speak with the lender about so that you know how much you will be paying back each month and how long you have to repay the loan in full. It is also a good idea to find out if there are any penalties associated with paying back the loan early, as well as what type of penalties or extra charges you will have to deal with if you miss a payment.

Most importantly, do not allow yourself to believe that just because you don’t have all the money you need to cover the wedding of your dreams, that you can’t have the wedding. All it takes is a phone call or a visit to a lender in order to change everything for you. After all, you have spent your entire life dreaming about this so why not do everything you can to make it happen now?…


In this edition of Venue Spotlight, we will be taking a look at the Trump Toronto Hotel.

Setting the standard in luxury and elegance, Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto® offers a distinctive, sophisticated and memorable backdrop for the most discriminating couples.

Opulent ballrooms connected by a grand staircase feature soaring 14-ft ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows, offering stunning views of the Toronto skyline. An exceptional culinary experience transcends the traditional. Uncompromising attention to detail ensures a seamless event. The ultimate new standard in luxury.…


We all know hindsight is 20/20, and we all think that is such a cliche… but honestly when it comes to weddings, after the day, your vision can be much clearer!

When planning your wedding check out this interesting survey from experienced brides and grooms.…


I wanted to start this year with a little reflection…

2011 was an AMAZING year for the IA team! A GIGANTIC thank you goes to all our clients for allowing us to be a part of their special day – whether it be planning, wedding day management, floral or décor. We had such a great time getting to you all of you and seeing your weddings come to life!

It was also a wonderful year for our team, we were delighted to expand and work with so many talented individuals- much of whom were the crux to our success. Without our diligent planning, and design logistics staff- IA would be nothing.

In 2011 we were published 12 times! WOW

We are thrilled to be contributors to Kismet Magazine, Maharani Weddings, South Asian Bride Magazine, Lavish Dulhan Magazine, WedLock Magazine, Suhaag Magazine, Beauty Connexions, Toronto Wedding Society, The Wedding Co. and the Toronto Examiner Newspaper.

Throughout the year we had the opportunity to work with some of the best vendors! People whom I truly admire for their passion, talent and attitude!

In 2011, we were also excited to have made some new strategic alliances, specifically our transport partner- GTAX Couriers. Jason was truly our knight in shining armour more than a handful of times.

Finally, a special thank you goes out to my assistants Christina, Judy Anne, Jennifer, Theda & Shreyas – together we really are an all star team, that can take on the world!…


I remember Noor from the Fall 2010 Kismet show, she was inquisitive and utterly gorgeous (also the founder and head make up artist at Noor Artistry)…. and not to mention the only one at the show that immediately picked up on my design training from Preston Bailey.

A couple months after the show, Noor reached out to me for a design consult.

Of course this fashionista was getting married at the ultra unique event space – The Vue that had recently opened up for weddings.

After she explained her vision… it just came dancing to live in my mind! You see, Noor’s style is very artistic and for her, it’s all in the details…she was determined to show her guests a wedding they would never forget!

Unfortunately, I was not  able to get the contract for decor (The awesome Sara Baig did)… however because of the connection we made at our meeting and the show… Noor reached out and said she simply had to find a way for me to be a part of her wedding! That’s where we settled on the Day of Coordinator role.…


All I can really say is WOW. The 2011 wedding season really took off!

I had the most amazing time working with interesting couples, designing awesome weddings, working with worderful inspiring vendors and seeing everything come to life!

Some pretty exciting updates are I had a wedding published a couple weeks ago in Kismet magazine! It was a 2 page spread in the “real weddings” section. My couple Natasha and Ladislav were so interesting to work with. They came to me with the idea of “Burlesque” and it was my job to make that wedding appropriate. The outcome was stunning!

The traditional Hindu ceremony took place at Graydon Hall Manor, with the reception at Arcadian Court (Side Note: The first time I saw a picture of Arcadian Court I fell in love, even when planning my brother’s wedding I secretly kept it out of the short list! LOL).

When I first met Natasha and Ladislav they were too cute for my life! They were very keen on making their special day very unique and representative of themselves! I loved how their wedding was truly going to embody their playfulness and mystic.

As soon as Natasha told me about her theme, I immediately went through my inspiration index in my head and began to excitedly sketch their centerpiece. I told Natasha it would take a week to complete her proposal, however I just couldn’t wait… I sent it to her that night!

Seeing her face when she walked into the hall was absolutely priceless! I was so touched that I evoked such emotion, it made me feel I was doing some good in my life.

You should definitely check out the Kismet magazine… but here are some photos of Natasha and Ladislav’s wedding to tie you over!…