Amazing Testimonial! Thank you Noor :)

I remember Noor from the Fall 2010 Kismet show, she was inquisitive and utterly gorgeous (also the founder and head make up artist at Noor Artistry)…. and not to mention the only one at the show that immediately picked up on my design training from Preston Bailey.

A couple months after the show, Noor reached out to me for a design consult.

Of course this fashionista was getting married at the ultra unique event space – The Vue that had recently opened up for weddings.

After she explained her vision… it just came dancing to live in my mind! You see, Noor’s style is very artistic and for her, it’s all in the details…she was determined to show her guests a wedding they would never forget!

Unfortunately, I was not  able to get the contract for decor (The awesome Sara Baig did)… however because of the connection we made at our meeting and the show… Noor reached out and said she simply had to find a way for me to be a part of her wedding! That’s where we settled on the Day of Coordinator role.

I loved all the thought and effort put into all the details in Noor & Adil’s wedding. Check out some of the photos.

Lolvely photos by Vipoo @ Ovyian Photography!

Since the wedding, I have been lucky enough to continue working with her on a couple projects that will shortly be release at Shaadi Source.

But I was really touched when she blogged to her followers about me and the importance of a Day of Coordinator! It has got to be one of the best testimonials ever…. take a look.

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